About Us

On Aloud In The Cloud, you will finds tips on website creation, software development, Wordpress, cloud computing(specifically Google Cloud), small business tech tips and web hosting.
The site strives to be concise and direct in the tutorials and articles.

The site hopes the information here will help you find the answers you are looking for in order to help your business or simply just satisfy your curiosity.

About The Writer

Seyram Komla Sapaty(SKS)

SKS - Aloud in the Cloud I have years of professional experience delivering production quality code.
Python, PHP, Java, Bash Scripting are some of the languages I’ve shipped in production software.
I have also released an open source software.
I enjoy Linux system administration.
I love learning and sharing knowledge and tips in general.
I started out as a designer but I have transitioned into development.
I hope to use this site to share this passion with the world.

I love Google Cloud Platform!!
I am a certified Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer and a certified Professional Cloud Architect.
The blog runs on Google Cloud Storage and it’s powered by Pelican.

I’m also active in our developer community. I’m a co-organizer of GDG Cloud, Accra chapter.
I’m a mentor in Google Africa Developer Scholarship Programme.

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